Marengo Holiday Family Dance 2020



  • Date: December 12, 2020
  • Time: 6pm to 7pm (Synchronous, but of course!)
  • Where: Your Awesome Dance Floor!!


  • Cost: $10 per family


  • Buy your tickets before December 1st



  • One-hour Professional Zoom Party (conducted by, Virtual Event Coordinator and popular Twitch Broadcaster)
  • Awesome music (including a few fun surprises) to keep you moving and grooving with your Marengo Family.
  • Keep the party going and browse through the gallery, look for your friends, and interact in the group chat.
  • Be on the lookout for a guest or two with some inspiring messages of welcome and fun.
  • “Most Festive Decorated Dance Room” contest: Decorate that dance room of yours and you might win an Amazon gift card! Must include “Marengo Holiday Family Dance” printable to be eligible. Be creative!!
  • “Most Festive Dance Outfits” contest! Dress your festive and funnest bestest and you might win an Amazon gift card!
  • Marengo Holiday Family Dance SWAG BAG: holiday treats, party supplies, and your very own mini light up disco ball! (Limited to first 200 families that register!)


Frequently Asked Questions and more: (updated as we get more questions)

  • This is for Marengo families only. When you register, we will also ask you to share your Marengo student’s name and teacher to get your unique registration code and link. (Marengo staff, be on the lookout for a separate invite)
  • Please have your camera on so we can see you and connect with you. We want to see your lovely dance room and your awesome dancing and faces!
  • Marengo Holiday Family Dance SWAG BAG pickup will be same day as the dance 10am to 12noon on Marengo in front of the school (drop off zone)
  • Recommend to use a large monitor or TV with lots of dance space! For example, many TVs have VGA or HDMI and can attach to a laptop (sometimes directly, sometimes requiring an additional adapter)


Safety and Etiquette

  • Zoom etiquette and courtesy rules are still in place: be polite, courteous, and appropriate.
  • Parent supervision required during Zoom
  • Use proper names as your zoom name (student’s name, parent’s name, family name, etc)
  • Moderators will be moderating name usage, gallery usage, and chat usage.
  • Moderators will move any participants they deem exhibiting inappropriate behavior to a waiting room. We reserve the right to remove any attendee from the party.
  • Staff will be monitoring the event including but not limited to name usage, gallery usage, and chat usage.
  • Staff reserves the right to remove any attendee to the waiting room or from the zoom party.

We will update this page with new info as needed. Check back often, and you can always email us directly at