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Your membership helps support the wide variety of programs and initiatives at our school, as well as the advocacy work of the state and national PTA.

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Our Mission

What We Stand For

The PTA serves to connect parents, teachers, faculty and staff to enhance the Marengo student experience.  The activities supported by the PTA include the facilitation and support of programs, supplies, and execution of school-wide benefits. 

Examples include:

  • Classroom software
  • Cultural arts events
  • After-school programming and supplies (Art Appreciation, Fall Family Movie Night)
  • Campus improvements (shade, picnic tables, gardens)
  • Transportation for field trips

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Marengo PTA membership is $7 per person. Members can be any family member – our goal is to have every person in your household sign up to become a member! Thank you for your support!

Members can be any household individual, including:

  • Your child
  • Parents
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Grand parents
  • Siblings
  • Any family member living in your home


What Parents are Saying

“We are so fortunate to have the Marengo family of teachers and administrators to help guide our child. Their level of dedication for each child is evident and they have shown genuine care for the kids. They are not solely focused on academics but value the social-emotional growth, character development, and the arts. We are so grateful for our principal Mrs. Cheadle, who is present at many school functions and is genuinely invested in making Marengo the best it can be.”

David Chian


“The Marengo PTA is a crucial link between our school and our community, and fuels the parent and family involvement that makes our schools (and Marengo especially) so successful. Volunteering for the PTA helped me better understand our schools and get more out of them for my children.

Mike Shimpock


I wanted to get more involved and feel more connected to the school and other parents.  So, I signed up as a PTA volunteer for various events.  I never realized how much went on behind the scenes for our students.  I am constantly blown away by the dedication and generosity of the teachers and parents here at Marengo.