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By donating to the PTA, you are helping raise our kids and strengthen our community. Donations help pay for the resources that host fun and educational clubs, programs, events and allows the community address specific needs for the school.

Benefits of Donating

  • Higher Graduation Rates
  • Giving Students a Bright Future
  • Public School Acheivement
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Tax Credit



Theses are the traditional fundraisers thrown throughout the school year


The Read-a-thon is a fundraiser that raises money by asking the community to support students who spend a few weeks focusing on reading.

Teacher Appreciation

The Teacher Appreciation Fundraiser is a way to help raise money for our teachers, so that they can continue to have the resources necessary to teach our children.


The Jog-a-thon is an annual event to raise money through sponsoring students based on the amount of laps they run. It’s a great way to encourage being active and helping kids feel a sense of pride.

Wish Night

Wish Night is a way for the community to support the schools by using donations to fulfill the wishers of the teachers and schools for resources needed to educate our children.