Letter from our PTA president

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2021-22 PTA Executive Board

President - Emilia Aldana

Vice-President - Christina Chian

1st Vice President - Ways & Means - Kristin De Surra Muirhead

2nd Vice President - Enrichment - Heather Bland

3rd Vice President - Membership - Ingi Jennings

Treasurer - Jeff Chao

Recording Secretary - Kristen Kuhlman

Auditor - Maddie Chu

Corresponding Secretary - Mitzye Ramos Ribas

Financial Secretary - Evie Jeang

Parliamentarian - Vicky Inducil

Historian - Michelle Pervaiz Young

Volunteer Coordinator - Frances Rentmeester

Room Parent Coordinator - Cat Yeh

Website Coordinator - Phoenix Rodman

5th Grade Promotion Coordinator 2020 - Mariela King

5th Grade Promotion Coordinator 2021 - Renata Kawasaki

Wish Night Coordinators - Tony Chen and Calvin Wong


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