It was such a blast to see all of our Marengo families dancing and connecting from our homes. As much as we can prepare for an event and do our best to run it smoothly, ultimately it is the attendees adding their energy and fun that makes an event a success.  And what a success it was!  A huge thank you to all who boogied down with us on Saturday night!


We would like to thank a special few that put in that extra wow for this to happen. It definitely takes a village!


  • PTA and PTA board members, especially Calvin Wong, Lory Ishii, Maddie Chu, Danielle Choi, and Patricia Rangel.  We could not have done this without your support, time, and resources.
  • Sandy Shannon for the awesome graphics and printables.  Your holiday designs really helped give the event a professional and polished feel.
  • The goodie bags were a hit!!  Thank you to Milena Formica, Marsha and Ronin Higa, and our kids (hehe) for helping with goody bag assembly and distribution.
  • Thank you to our Marengo celebrities: Mrs. Cheadle, Zookeeper, Super Sport, and Captain Character, for their wonderful “surprise” cameo messages 🙂
  • Paul Riding of for all the behind the scenes tech and for smooth streaming of all the videos and audio over Zoom to make for a really great dance experience.
And finally, we would like to share a holiday gift with you all. At the end of the dance, our last song was a special slideshow, just something to say we are grateful for the Marengo family, miss all of you, and can’t wait to see you all again! If the link below does not work, click here to view the slideshow.


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